The CyberBull Drawings

A post-ego project by Dr. Hugo Heyrman

The artist can no longer produce the limits of his own being, and reflect himself; he is only an absorbent screen, a sensible plate for all the networks of influence. At the 47th Biennale of Venice, I asked 15 artists to make a drawing of the *CyberBull* —from Lascaux to CyberBull, enjoy their out-of-Plato's cave vision.

Aly Baba   Thierry De Cordier   Oleg Kulic

Holy Body   Ria Pacquée   Gianni Broi

Nedko Solakov   Fabrice Hybert   Jan Hoet

Rodney Graham   Angela Mutti   Jef Lambrecht

Luc Tuymans   Dr. Hugo   Charles François

( ( ( motions of the mind ) ) )