Welcome to *i-Dreams* 2 animated . . . I like to work with the digital image in its ultimate elements —the immaterial abstract information of pixels. I love the world wide transportable dimension of the Internet, where the digital data-stream can travel at the speed of light. In the 'now' of Cybersphere, *i-Dreams* are interacting with memory, desire, past, future, tragedy, joy . . . It's a wonderful exploration of metaphors. The images are built up 'pixel by pixel'. The digital image is used in its ultimate elements —a maximum of mimesis with a minimum of pixels. It is a form of private art —a 'synaesthetic experience', by browsing text and images into a personal morphing of meaning. I want to develop a new virtual poetry, in order to bring perception and conception closer together and to find simplicity in complexity.

— Dr. Hugo

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