The Internet will stimulate our natural and artificial intelligence. The first painting tools in history were not invented for the making of art only. A painting by Da Vinci or Vermeer is also a form of high-tech. Technology is just another brush. Creating new forms, doing new things in a new space, it's all 'digital' possible, it creates it's own aesthetics. In telematics, the sky is no longer the limit. We can have it all digital —new net art channels into the living room. This Virtual Gallery is a online archive and a platform for all forms of 'Digital Art'. Computers and the Internet are creating a new global horizon for the arts. The computer is a smart and beautiful tool, it is endlessly patient and it never gets tired. The Internet is a wonderful phenomenon. The history of art is marked by the influence and artistic use of technical innovations:

the making and use of tools the introduction of oil paint the invention of perspective * the invention of photography, film, television and video * the (r)evolution of computers and the electronic media

These are all tools used by artists, for the creation of artworks. By the transcendence of the technological limitations, their full meaning and impact as artworks becomes evident. Virtual space, cyberspace, or whatever techno-term one uses, starts actually as private space, modeled on computers, in order to function on the networks as public space. The mass-media are becoming personal-media. This 'Digital Art Database' wants to stimulate the synergy between creativity and high-tech and to promote a virtual culture. The digital art database is a start, to promote the distribution of artworks created on the computer. Visitors will be able to browse into the database and find out what's going on in the field of electronic art. Relevant to web-based art is the potential of global transfer at the speed of light.

* Artists who want to be represented in the database are invited to reply.
—Dr. Hugo Heyrman, painter, new media researcher, professor Royal Academy for Fine Arts - Antwerp, 1995.