New Media, a virtual laboratory

The combination of artistic talent and technology demands new forms of presentation and interpretation, to give form and content to vision. Working with the new media is interdisciplinary:

an exploration of the synergy between art and computers
the further development of multimedia and interactive art
gaining an understanding of digital culture and reflecting on its future

In new media, art becomes a 'tele-transportable' concept. Due to the digital evolution, the physical interaction between art and viewer has been transformed into a virtual interaction. Navigating through images, sound and text changes the 'viewer' into an active 'participant' in an open creative process. Cyberspace offers a new perspective: real-time interaction. Computers and multimedia open up a new future for the visual arts with specific applications for individual expression, quality content and telecommunication. The digital laboratory of the new media is causing a veritable (r)evolution. Free shearing of knowledge, and innovative concepts offer us insight into the digital 'now' of film, video, performance, multimedia installation, CD-ROM and the Internet. Telematics, a product of globalization, is no longer just an option: it is a condition.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman
Santa Cruz 1996

|| Museums of the Mind