Anna Akhmatova

In Dream

Black and enduring separation
I share equally with you.
Why weep? Give me your hand,
Promise me you will come again.
You and I are like high mountains
and we can't move closer.
Just send me word,
At midnight sometime through the stars.

. . .

Akhmatova, Anna, pseudonym of Anna Andreyevna Gorenko (1888-1966) born near Odesa, Ukraine. Russian lyric poet, considered one of the greatest poets in the history of Russian literature. With Osip Mandelstam she was a leader of the early 20th-century Acmeist movement, which called for use of poetic language that would convey exact meanings with simplicity and clarity. Akhmatova's principal motif is love, mainly frustrated and tragic love, expressed with an intensely feminine accent and inflection entirely her own.

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