What is Synaesthesia ?
Are Synesthetes people of the future ?


Digits evoke colors
Letters evoke colors
Digits evoke personalities
Letters evoke personalities
Words evoke colors
Names evoke colors
Units of time trigger colors
Spoken sounds evoke colors
Musical sounds evoke colors
Pain evoke colors
Scent trigger colors
Personalities trigger colors
Taste evoke colors
Sound evoke tastes
Sound evoke touch
Vision evoke taste
Touch evoke taste
Sound evoke scent
Temperature evoke colors
Taste evoke touch
Touch evoke smell
Vision evoke touch


Synesthetes are in some sense, people of the future. Some features of human evolution can be deduced from Synaesthesia-phenomena directed studies. In this sense, not only physiology but psychology and even the pathology of synesthetes has become a topic of genuine scientific interest.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman

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