Dr. Hugo Heyrman
( ( (motions of the mind) ) )

Poster: concept & design by Hugo Heyrman, 1967 ( 82,9 x 59,6 cm )

"Happenings in Belgium"
Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko
Antwerp - Brussels - Ostend
Chronological list (1965—1968)

  Nu Happening ! Bezette Stad II en III, Happening Now ! Occupied City II and III, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko - Yoshio Nakajima - Wout Vercammen, Groenplaats, Antwerp.
08.06.1965 KYRPWWAWAX, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko - Yoshio Nakajima, Happening in een Heerlijke Nieuwe Stad, KYPRWWAWAX, Happening in a Brave New City, Casino-Kursaal, Ostend.
09.25.1965 Happening News, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko - Yoshio Nakajima - Wout Vercammen, Antwerp, Veilig-verkeers-magiër Thom Jaspers. Meir and Groenplaats, Antwerp.
10.02.1965 Godsdienst Vorst en Staat , Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko - Yoshio Nakajima - Wout Vercammen, Religion, King and Fatherland, Groenplaats, Antwerp.
10.09.1965 Happening in the Modern World, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Groenplaats, Antwerp.
03.12.1966   Het Lange Wapper Gasmonster terug in aktie, Air Base, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, The Lange Wapper Gas Monster in Action Again, Air Base, Groenplaats, Antwerp.
03.18.1966   MilkyWay Happening, Hugo Heyrman - Bernd Lohaus - Panamarenko. Opening exhibition of the Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp.
12.16.1966-67   De Premiere van de Hersenexpansie in Kleuren! Stunt-Happening, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Premiere of the Mind Expansion in Color!, Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp.
01.18.1968   Happening, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Brussels, Royal Flemish Theatre, Brussels.
07.06.1968   Happening, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Stapel ijsblokken, Happening: Pile of Ice Cubes, Conscienceplein, Antwerp.
07.13.1968   Happening: 100 m3 graszone, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Happening: 100 m3 Area of Grass, Conscienceplein, Antwerp.
Groot Electronis Uitbazuincomplex, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Antwerp, Conscienceplein, Antwerp.
07.27.1968   Wereldpremiere, Maquette van Projekt Reservaat, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, (10 Hectarenplan) World Premiere, Model of the Reservation Project, (The 10 acres Plan) Conscienceplein, Antwerp.
08.03.1968   VAGARATZJI, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Groenplaats and Conscienceplein, Antwerp.
1966 The First Mind Expansion in Colour!, Together with Panamarenko, I made two 3D figures: styropor dolls covered with felt, "Feltra" (1966) and "Molly Peters" (1966). Stunt-Happening, Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, Wide White Space gallery, Antwerp. Ten paintings of glamorous women and female filmstars: Molly Peters, Malibu Beachnik, Carol Leland, Ursula Andress, Jean Harlow, Jocelyn Lane, Carol Lynly and Kristine Keeler.

Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko, 'Feltra', 1966 (concept & realisation in cooperation)
1. photo-source, Margaret Nolan 2. study for life-size pin-up 3. 'Feltra', styropor doll and armchair covered with coloured felt (attached with pins)
177 x 112 x 99 cm. SMAK Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent

International context 1967—1970: 1967 * Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour album. * Che Guevara killed in Bolivia (by troops trained in U.S.) * First edition Rolling Stone magazine (dated November 9, with John Lennon on the cover). * Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey. 1968 Yellow Submarine, an animated film featuring The Beatles, is released. * The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated on April 4. * 30,000 students clash with police in Paris, students occupy the Sorbonne. Workers in France join students in a general strike. * U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy is shot in Los Angeles on June 5; he dies the next day. * First Whole Earth Catalog. * Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline. * June 6 - Life magazine, Apollo 10 photos of moon and of the earth in space. 1969 Art Workers' Coalition founded in New York. * Dennis Hopper, Easy Rider. * John Lennon and Yoko Ono honeymoon at the Amsterdam Hilton with a "Bed-In for Peace." * "Battle of People's Park" at the University of California, Berkeley. * The Woodstock Music and Art Fair draws 450,000 people to Bethel, New York. * During a free Rolling Stones concert at Altamount Speedway outside San Francisco, Hell's Angels stab a man to death. 1970 The Beatles split up. * Jimi Hendrix dies of a drug overdose. * Janis Joplin dies of a drug overdose.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman
( ( (motions of the mind) ) )