'Multi-millionaire' Panamarenko and 'Happy Space Maker' Hugo Heyrman during their 'ice-cubes action' on the Antwerp Conscienceplein, July 6, 1968.
Photo: Maria Gilissen
"Happenings in Belgium"
Hugo Heyrman - Panamarenko
Ice cubes action, Antwerp 1968

VAGA, 'Multi-millionaire' Panamarenko, 'Happy Space Maker' Hugo Heyrman and others introduced in 1968 a new era with their provoking actions. They act under the name VAGA (free action group Antwerp). One of their actions is the occupation of the Royal museum for fine arts, where they demand an exposition area. On the Antwerp Conscienceplein they pile up ice-cubes to real barricades and demand a car-free square and a children's playground. This demand (the car-free zone of this small square in the heart of Antwerp) becomes reality by a highly efemere 'happening'. Later they propose to turn the existing nuclear shelter under the Groenplaats into a center for contemporary art.

June 1968: Occupation of the Hendrik Conscience square. The activists (VAGA - free action group of Antwerp) demand a car-free square. July 6, 'ice-cubes action': Hugo Heyrman and Panamarenko close off the square with industrial ice-cubes manufactured in an artistic manner. July 13: VAGA-action, the square is transformed in a green zone, the protesting is done in a 'happening' atmosphere, performance of Wannes Van de Velde. Beginning July the town's administration decide to make a principle decision to make the square a car-free zone; just in the course of 1972 the first car-free square in the heart of Antwerp is a fact.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman
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