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 Two Figures, 2011

 Liquid Tree, 2012

 The Crowning , 2011
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Dr. Hugo Heyrman / another reality
— an extensive exhibition,
from 4 November - 20 January 2013
Gallery De Zwarte Panter, Antwerp - Belgium

Vernissage, saturday november 3th at 4:00-10:00 pm.
Hoogstraat 70-72-74 tel: 0032 (0)3 233 13 45
Open from thursday till sunday from 1:30 – 6:00 pm.
Closed on 27-28-29-30th december 2012

In the sixties, Heyrman revealed himself as the tender but inveterate anarchist, when he introduced happenings, video and conceptual art. With this rebellious attitude he started to paint (see the monography: Dr. Hugo Heyrman, author: Joannes Késenne, publisher: Snoeck). In 1967, he participated in a group show at the Wide White Space, where also work by Gerhard Richter could be seen. It affirmed his choice to become a painter. For his 'City & Street Life' series: to perceive the perception, he was elected laureate of the Jeune Peinture Belge (1975), paving the way for a more conceptual painting practice. Thereafter, besides his crossover activities as filmmaker, Internet pioneer, synesthesia- and new media researcher, he remained primarily a painter and realized an oeuvre that continuously played a pioneering role.

Potential images
About his motivation Heyrman says:
"My reflections on the world and society are motivated by the idea that a single moment of understanding can flood a whole life with meaning. Art creates another reality. Starting from existing images, I paint the ambiguities of the visible, potential images with ambivalent meanings, so that another pictorial and mental space is opening up: cinematic, enigmatic and open-ended"

In Dr. Hugo's painterly world, there are no boundaries between abstraction and figuration, objective and subjective, memory and imagination. The painter allows the viewer to explore a potential space —an atmospheric dimension of depth, tonality and color gradations. This transparent thinking leads to a liberating insight in the psychology of the image. Relevant for Heyrman's 'perspectivism', is the discovery of the unknown in the known.

Mental filters
'Another Reality' presents images of a changing world. In 'The Crowning' (2011) we see how a young woman puts on a safety helmet. It is a powerful metaphor for the contemporary fragility of life. With a remarkable impact, it accentuates the continuous presence of the past, contained within all of us.

For Heyrman, painting is a source of visual pleasure, but also a reflection on the visual and mental filters through which we experience the beauty and complexity of all images that surround us. The visual content of the informally painted images goes beyond words. It's all about what's happening when you look at a painting. Forms and colors act on us pre-reflectively; they affect the viewer before they become aware of what the brushstroke actually represents. Characteristic for his body of work is that it stirs emotions and the intellect equally. He shows us that essentially everything is a matter of degree. Dr. Hugo Heyrman's paintings function as potential images, which resonate in our minds.

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