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Remarks on Synesthesia
* "If you ask synesthetes if they wish to be rid of it, they almost always say no. For them, it feels like that's what normal experience is like. To have that taken away would make them feel like they were being deprived of one sense."
Simon Baron-Cohen, synesthesia researcher at the University of Cambridge
* "Synesthesia has implications for every major aspect of cognition: perception, attention, language, memory, emotion, and consciousness. In turn, in order to understand synaesthesia, one has to consider these aspects as well as their development and neural basis." Noam Sagiv
* "Synaesthesia is a love story between the senses" Dr. Hugo Heyrman

  *Synesthesia / Translations:
Česky - Synestezie,
Dansk - Synæstesi,
Deutsch - Synästhesie,
Ελληνικά - Συναισθησία,
Español - Sinestesia,
فارسی - هم رنجی,
Suomi - Synestesia,
Français - Synesthésie,
Galego - Sinestesia,
עברית - סינסתזיה,
Hrvatski - Sinestezija,
Magyar - Szinesztézia,
Íslenska - Samskynjun,
Italiano - Sinestesia,
日本語 - 共感覚,
ქართული - სინესთეზია,
Lietuvių - Sinestezija,
Nederlands - Synesthesie,
‪Norsk (nynorsk) - Synestesi,
‪Norsk (bokmål)‬ - Synestesi,
Polski - Synestezja,
Português - Sinestesia,
Русский - Синестезия,
English - Synesthesia,
Slovenčina - Synestézia,
Slovenščina - Sinestetičnost,
Svenska - Synestesi,
Türkçe - Sinestezi,

* Dr. Hugo's synesthesia keywords: synesthesia, colored hearing, synesthésie, audition colorée, synästhesie, farbenhören, sinestetica, sinestezia, tele-synaesthesia, sinestesia, sinestesie, sinestesi, virtual synesthesia, nocturnal synesthesia, interactive synesthesia, audio synaesthesia, conceptual synaesthesia, touch reception, tangoreception, exteroreceptive sensations, audio-visual-olfactory, light sorrow, intersensory transfer, seemingnesses, inter-sensorial, harmony of the senses, internal sensations, olfaction, audiovisual polyphony, sensory couplings, déjà vu, verbochromia, associations of similarity, interoreceptive sensations, photisms, prosopagnosia, face-blindness, sixth sense, hypersensitivity, eidetic memory, mind pictures, dyscalculia, audiovisual counterpoint, spatial thinking, the mixing of the senses, numerically dyslexic, proprioreceptive sensations, loaded mind, reverse prosopagnosia, polysensory system, monosensory, third eye, java sparrow: a phenomena of knowing things beforehand, prophetic dreams, bisensory, twice-modes, crossed wires, uncommon senses, eidetic imagery, the private life of the senses, synaesthetic media, extraordinary conscious experiences, a unity of senses, synchrony of 40hz oscillations, digit-colour synaesthesia, perceptual modules, pseudosynaesthesia, sensory modality, synesthetic silence, a union of the senses, cross-modal transfer, somaesthetic sensations, chromophobia, mnemosyne, photographic memory, chronochromie, pitch perception, categorical perception, chromaesthesia, colour communication, semantic mediation, coloured vowels, sensorium, vestibular sense, peripheral vision, signal feedback, the stereoscopic space of experience, temperature perception, colourblindness, eideticism, taste colorizations, internal vision, pheromonal influences, mind analogy, crossed wired, mental display, clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, hypersensitivity, autism, sequencial synaesthesia, mind sets, colored emotion, asperger's syndrome, marmalade skies, synaesthetic screen, synaesthetic space, word and flavour associations, multi-coloured spheres, temperature perceptions, colored time, color center, echoing, transliminality, disordering of the senses, vowels as colors, ignominy, train of thought, perceptual distortions, letter-colour association, perceptual symmetry distortion, indelible memory, eideticism, adjacent brain maps, synesthetic metaphors, excitatory connections, chromographemia, idiosyncratic experience, synesthetic visions, hypersensitivity of the senses, synesthetic déjà vu, synsations, flavored voices, colored emotions, synesthetic poetry, psychoacoustics, crossed senses, synesthetes, neurology, auras and geometric patterns, mythological synesthesia, colored personality, the human sensorium, mirror-touch synesthesia, hyperthymestic syndrome, phantom smells, polysensory memory, phonetic synaesthesia, phonesthesia, radiosonic synaesthesia, virtual synesthesia, coloured concepts, kaleidescope eyes, crossed senses, multisensory research...

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