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 Personal Tempo, 2013

Night Lights, 2014

 Yellow Visibility II, 2013
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Dr. Hugo Heyrman /
A Transformative Gaze

— an extensive exhibition,
from 16 November - 18 January 2015
Gallery De Zwarte Panter, Antwerp - Belgium

Vernissage 17u 00 - 22u 00 - 15 November 2014
Hoogstraat 70-72-74 tel: 0032 (0)3 233 13 45
Open from thursday till sunday from 1:30 – 6:00 pm.
Closed 1-2-3-4 January 2015

The extensive exhibition 'A Transformative Gaze' reveals how Dr. Hugo Heyrman as a painter explores the possibilities of his medium. The paintings and works on paper provide an insight into the recent development of prior periods: Another Reality (2013), Inside the image (2011), City Life & Body Language (2009). This is his 12th solo-expo (since 1975) in the gallery De Zwarte Panter, Antwerp.

Turning points
Heyrman paints ó"because itís a fascinating experience, how different the world could look on canvas.Ē The works are reflections on the appearance of the real. From a personal archive, experiences, memories and imagination, cinematic scenarios are coming into existence. They are pictorial transformations about the mystery of the flux of life. Recurring themes are philosophical and psychological turning points, city life, body language, love, loneliness and the human condition.

The transformative atmosphere of the work belongs to an imaginary world. His work has a unique look, which opens up the imagination in interaction with the work. The images seem to vibrate and have a liquid look. They speak for themselves. Itís a crystallization of the painting process. They also show us the beauty of not understanding something. In the artistís oeuvre the gaze is always moving, between an outer and inner world. On canvas, the transformative gaze of the artist continues further in time.

A relevant characteristic is that Heyrman gives expression to an uninhibited sense. He creates images with a promise of what is still to come. His approach is deliberate and informal, without rhetoric or irony. By building up suggestive layers of paint, he evokes a mental space. The sensual tactility of his brushstrokes, together with the symbolic/emotional meaning of the colour, encourages an involvement with the world, in an atmosphere of resonance.

The artist shares the experience of a another reality with us, by making the extraordinary in the ordinary visible, for example; The Cherry Pie (2014), a deep reflection on presence and absence, with a crystalline transparency, or Personal Tempo (2013) and Yellow Visibility II (2014), where a solitary figure moves forward in a cosmological-like environment of colour, light, shadow and elemental forces. These are images in which the gaze can get lost endlessly. Dr. Hugo gives the gaze of wonderment an existence in painting.

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